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The State of Workplace Safety & Staffing Infographic

See why having the right safety professionals matters.

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What Turnkey Turnaround Solutions Can Do For Your Site

June 22nd 2021

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Providing Peace of Mind and Superior Safety Services

Turnarounds are highly complex and stressful endeavors that require multiple teams to coordinate their tasks for safe and productive execution. It’s not something that internal teams can easily add to their plates. After all, you have a job site to run.

With turnkey turnaround solutions, a third-party expert works directly with your team through the entire process from preplanning to demobilization. With a focus on safety and scheduling, this expert should help you uphold safety and facilitate a productive turnaround. Less stress, less downtime.


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Steps to a Turnaround


Preplanning is a highly important step that can make or break a turnaround. In this phase, your third-party expert should conduct a thorough hazard identification review that focuses on personnel, equipment and stand-by emergency services on your site. This information should be tailored to your environment and backed by experience. 


Hands-on work in a turnaround environment requires constant communication, strong logistics and the ability to make decisions quickly in unplanned situations. Your expert should be able to handle these moving pieces for you and provide guidance at every step.


After a successfully safe turnaround, you will want to get your site back to productivity ASAP. A turnkey turnaround provider will be thorough in collecting and removing all of its equipment and sending an itemized invoice that clearly breaks down costs and hours.

Equipment Offerings

Speaking of equipment, don’t worry about having to source them—a third-party partner offering turnkey solutions should be able to provide the right specialized systems and tools. While each turnaround is unique, the following equipment rental offerings are typical:

  • Communication Systems
  • Breathing Air Solutions
  • Gas Detectors
  • PPE
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection

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While you hope to never need them, having rescue teams and equipment are necessary during turnarounds. A turnkey provider should be able to offer trained and certified professionals that can handle a variety of rescue types, including:

  • Confined Space
  • High Angle
  • Technical Rope

Safety Professionals

During a turnaround, there could be as many as three times the typical amount of workers on your site. It’s always important to find out if your turnaround partner has staffing capabilities. Sourcing additional workers from them can improve communication and ensure you have the right safety workers for each role in a turnaround. 

More Than a Safety Provider, We’re Your Safety Partner

At Code Red Safety, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver turnkey turnaround solutions that keep all of your workers safe and minimize downtime so you can get back to work on deadline. We have more than 25 years of experience as turnaround partners. We are the responsive, reliable and ready option for a wide range of industries that need superior safety service.

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