The State of Workplace Safety & Staffing Infographic

See why having the right safety professionals matters.

The Code Red Guide to Job Site Rescue

Gain insight into the importance of preparedness, prevention and response.

The State of Workplace Safety & Staffing Infographic

See why having the right safety professionals matters.

Code Red Safety Turnaround Solutions

Learn how Code Red Safety aids in the preplanning, execution and demobilization of turnarounds — all while keeping workers safe on the job.

How Code Red Safety is Your One-Stop-Shop for Safety

See why we’re the responsive, reliable and ready safety partner you need. 

How Code Red Safety is Your One-Stop Shop for Safety

February 8th 2021

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We are the reliable safety services company for all of your job site safety requirements


At Code Red Safety, we offer a wide range of safety solutions so that you can keep your workers safe and your job site compliant. We believe that business should be more than transactional; we maintain strong relationships with all of our customers so that we can fix your pain points quickly and seamlessly.

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Turnaround Services

We understand how important it is to quickly perform turnarounds while ensuring that your job site stays safe. Our experienced safety experts work with you every step of the way to keep your team safe and your production on schedule. 

Through detailed preplanning, we can develop and execute a plan that features industry-leading technology and open communication to give you peace of mind. 

See some of our primary services below to learn how Code Red Safety can be your one-stop shop for safety.

Fire Solutions

Industrial and wildland fires are highly destructive events that endanger your workers’ well-being and can destroy buildings and infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Our fire protection experts can help you develop fire protection plans that include state-of-the-art mitigation systems, prevention management and logistical coordination across agencies. We can’t eliminate fires, but we can effectively reduce their damaging effects.

Communication Solutions

Having open and clear communication is vital on a job site. Your workers need to know what one another is doing and they need to be able to quickly relay information when dealing with heavy machinery or across a job site. 

Our communications division can provide custom two-way radio solutions that keep your team connected. We can outfit your job site with intrinsically safe MOTOTRBO™ Motorola™ digital two-way radios as well as necessary accessories to make communication seamless. 

All of our communication equipment is available for sale or rent, and we also offer systems and support, including remote system monitoring and interoperability data applications. When you need to keep in touch, we’re ready to help.

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Rescue Teams

While we hope that workers are always safe from harm on the site, Code Red Safety knows that job site rescues are an unfortunate need. Our highly experienced rescue teams are trained in multiple rescue scenarios, including: 

  • Confined space rescue
  • High angle rescue
  • Technical rope rescue

When there isn’t a moment to waste, we are ready to respond

We also offer rescue preplans to give your employees the proper tools to respond in an emergency and minimize compounding errors. We also provide standby rescue teams to keep your site in compliance and provide an added layer of safety.

Safety Staffing

Finding qualified safety personnel is a time-consuming process that takes the focus from your core competencies. With our safety training and staffing services, we draw from a database of more than 15,000 safety professionals across the country and at every experience level. That means we can fill your positions quickly (and often, locally) so that your projects stay on deadline. 

Equipment Rental and Sales

Beyond our core services, we aim to provide a variety of equipment for rent or sale to keep your site safe. See below for some of our products and equipment:

  • Breathing Air Solutions
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Gas Detection
  • Rescue Equipment
  • PPE

Your One-Stop-Shop for Safety

Whether you need the best communication solutions in the industry or have an emergency rescue issue, we are responsive, reliable and ready. To learn more about Code Red Safety and our dedicated team, contact us today. 

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