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The State of Workplace Safety & Staffing Infographic

See why having the right safety professionals matters.

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What To Look For In a Rescue Services Company

September 7th 2021

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To make this very important choice, you need to know what matters


Accidents may not happen every day at your workplace, but introduce a bit of the unknown into the equation, and they suddenly become a lot more common. That’s why, for every new project you kick off, you should have a rescue services team on site. It’s an industry best practice, and one you’ll be happy you followed should things go awry.

The big question is, which company should you choose? What should you look for in a rescue services company? Below, we’ve outlined some of the more important traits to consider when selecting a rescue team.



It is everyone’s hope that a job goes from start to finish without issue. Should a rescue team become necessary, however, it is important you have one on site or on the way that is prepared to move quickly and confidently. Those are qualities that only come by way of extensive training and experience out in the field.

Code Red Safety goes the extra mile to ensure you have the best and most competent rescue staff on site for your project. Whether for emergencies or standby, our specialists are always prepared for what might lie ahead. Those on our rescue services teams are seasoned experts with one year of experience at a minimum, though many individuals have more than that. In addition, we require all rescue staff to complete 80 hours of training so they’re up to speed on the latest rescue tactics and best practices.



Safety should be your top priority, and not just because it affects the wellbeing of your employees. Regulators also perform oversight to confirm you are complying with various safety standards. You’ll need to take steps to ensure a safe work environment, and that includes utilizing a rescue services company with the appropriate qualifications.

At Code Red Safety, we take pride in meeting all training criteria and regulatory requirements. Our rescue teams hold certifications in OSHA, NFPA, HAZWOPER and AED, so they’re prepared to perform a rescue at any type of site. That’s the experience you get from a company with over 25 years in business. 



If you’re planning a project weeks or even months in advance, securing a rescue services company for standby duty shouldn’t be too challenging. But what happens if an emergency situation unfolds when you aren’t expecting it? If you don’t have a rescue crew on site, who can you call for a quick response?

Fortunately, Code Red Safety has you covered here, too. Our crew members are trained in a plethora of rescue types, including confined space, high angle and technical rope. And it doesn’t matter what day it is or what time it is when help is needed: we’re available 24/7 and can mobilize quickly to stage a rescue.

Before you start your next project, make sure you have the most highly trained, qualified and available rescue services company standing by to help. Contact Code Red Safety today to learn more about our services and our team.


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