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The State of Workplace Safety & Staffing Infographic

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Industrial Rope Rescue: A Process That Can Save Lives

January 27th 2022

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Learn what industrial rope rescue is and why you should have a team of specialists on standby.

No matter how safe you are during your work, things may not always go according to plan. Just as a tree can fall down in a backyard, a ladder can break or scaffolding can collapse in an event no one expects. In these instances, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to be rescued.

Industrial rope rescue is a process in which trained specialists use ropes – and a number of other tools – in order to save someone from potential or present danger. Below, we’ll talk more about when such a rope rescue might be necessary, the types of equipment used in a rope rescue and why you should have a team on call.

When industrial rope rescue becomes necessary

In an industrial setting – especially where chemicals are present – routine work can already be considered high-risk. Processes are put into place in order to mitigate potential threats, but sometimes unexpected situations unfold.

It could be that workers in an elevated or subterranean space plan to utilize an exit that is no longer viable. A structure could collapse. A worker could become injured and no longer able to safely remove themselves from the location they’re in.

In any of these cases, an industrial rope rescue squad can put their tools and expertise to work. They’ll make it their mission to extract a crew from the unsafe space they’re in and deliver them to a safe space.

The equipment used for rope rescue

Rope rescue sounds simple enough. Going by the name alone, you may believe the only equipment you really need is a rope. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Rope rescue specialists utilize an expansive, complex toolkit depending on the terrain and the type of rescue needed.

A strong, water-resistant and heat-resistant rope is of course part of the equation. The rope must hold up no matter the conditions a rescue is taking place in. There are also anchors, pulleys, harnesses, descenders, stoke baskets and many, many more items a specialist must have on hand in the event of an emergency. Every piece of equipment has a role to play in staging a successful rescue.

Why you should have a rope rescue team on call

Industrial rope rescue specialists are highly trained, highly experienced individuals. They are well-versed in how to retrieve someone from a dangerous situation and bring them to safety. They would be the first to tell you there is more to it than simply throwing a rope to someone and telling them to “climb up” or “swing over.”

The chief reason you should have a rope rescue team on call is because you can’t be too safe on the job site – especially when workers are putting themselves in risky spots. If something goes wrong, you want professionals who know what to do and how to use the equipment properly so they can attempt a rescue. If you wing it and try a rescue yourself, or if you have to scramble to find a rope rescue team on short notice, you could put your workers in even more danger.

Trust your industrial rope rescue to Code Red Safety

No matter how many times you’ve completed a certain type of project or how experienced your crew is, you should always hope for smooth sailing but prepare for complications. Sometimes events occur that are completely out of your control. In those instances, you may need to have an industrial rope rescue team ready to go.

Code Red Safety is known throughout the industry as a reliable and professional provider of safety services, combining top-of-the-line equipment with highly trained personnel. Whether you need rope rescue or some other safety solution, Code Red has you covered no matter where you are in the country.

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