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The State of Workplace Safety & Staffing Infographic

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How Crystal-Clear Communication Systems Can Streamline Your Project Management

July 26th 2021

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Discover how jobsite radios and two-way radio systems provide peace of mind at even the busiest site

No matter your industry, worksites are busy places with multiple teams all working together to execute various projects. Proper planning and project management begin with communication—if you are not all on the same page at every step, your productivity suffers and your site becomes more dangerous. 

Fortunately, a full communications system with two-way radios can streamline overall efforts and keep all of your moving parts synchronized across teams, whether in the field, at the plant or on the road. It’s important that you know what to look for in a communication system—you need a solution that fits your specific needs.

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What to Consider About Your Worksite

Each worksite presents different challenges for clear communication, so it’s important to consider them when looking at solutions. From the elements and weather to overall square footage and the materials your site handles, they can all impact what you need. Some issues to consider for your two-way radio solutions include:

  • Airborne debris and inclement weather
  • Potentially explosive and hazardous environments
  • Extensive work areas with dead zones
  • Building or landscape barriers 
  • High noise

All, or none, of these obstacles may be part of your work environment, so do your diligence in finding communication systems that accommodate them.

Who Are You Talking To?

While a team of four has the same need for clear communication as a team of 400 does, the smaller team can likely skip more sophisticated equipment like trunking systems or redundant backup systems. For large teams, not only will you need to consider how to outfit large groups with two-way radios, but you’ll also need to strongly think about how each individual will be using their radios. 

Role-specific concerns include:

  • Extended battery life for prolonged work shifts
  • Extreme durability for drops and impacts from height
  • GPS tracking, fall detection and emergency alerts for lone workers
Accessories like belt clips, headsets, speaker mics and more all give more flexibility, especially when working in high angle or confined spaces. 


Management, inspectors, team leads and other critical workforce might also need more sophisticated equipment to handle multiple on-site obligations, with the ability to override communications with channel interrupter features.

Additional Considerations

Digital two-way radios are the more popular option between it and analog because of their superior range and call quality. They also offer more available features that can help you handle your site-specific issues, including:

  • Internet connectivity with apps and software updates
  • Text functionality for noisy worksites
  • Person-down and immediate notification alarms across teams
  • Hands-free options for communication on the road
  • Integrated GPS for vehicle and personnel tracking

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Systems & Support

Beyond having the right two-way radios for your site, you need peace of mind that your equipment will run correctly. Your systems and support can help you keep your project management operating even if you experience equipment malfunctions.

When looking for overall communication systems, you should consider:

  • Redundant backup systems and radios
  • Onsite storage capacity and trunking systems
  • Remote system monitoring and 24/7 service
  • Equipment delivery and pick up

Active Monitoring

The value add of remote, active monitoring is immense. It provides ensured system availability via automatic detection of preventative failure events and tracking radio temperature and wattage changes.

With the right active monitoring solution, it can even trigger critical system alarms that automatically dispatch technicians, so that you experience minimal downtime.

Active monitoring optimizes your communication system via detailed visibility into hardware health and performance and through in-depth analysis that shows utilization rates and pattern trends. Always have the right equipment on hand with active monitoring.

Industrial Communication Systems from Code Red Safety

At Code Red, our Critical 2-Way division works directly with our clients to create industrial communication solutions that fit their exact needs. Whether it’s the team of four or the site with 400 workers, we help you find reliable and flexible solutions to keep your projects on time, on budget and at maximum safety.

Ready for a two-way communication solution that fits your team’s needs?

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